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Solar PV can be installed on any rooftop that has good availability to the sun with limited shading.  In general, rooftop solar PV plants can be installed with little or no modification to your existing roof structure.  It is easy to install and depending on the size of your installation can be installed in as little as one day. Life Energy is ready to install rooftop solar PV on residential homes, schools, universities, warehouses, gas stations, stables and farm buildings, office towers, government buildings, shopping malls, embassies, military bases, mosques and many more locations. 

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Carpark structures are excellent locations for solar PV installations.  Not only do you achieve energy generation so your business becomes more energy independent, you have the added benefit of offering your customers and staff shaded parking, which in turn attracts more customers to your business.  

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Where rooftop and carpark solar PV units are limited by the surface area of the structure they are mounted on, ground mount solar PV size is only limited by the available ground space available.  Because large unused areas can be utilised for ground mount PV plants, the amount of energy generated is increased by every square meter of extra panels you can install.  Ground mount solar PV can also be configured with solar tracking units that increase the effectiveness of the sun to optimise the energy generated from your plant.

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Wind turbines are a sustainable renewable energy source.  Wind is a form of solar energy as it is caused by the heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the rotation of the earth, and the earth's surface irregularities.  Wind turbines are a viable source of renewable energy if placed in areas where wind is constant. They are space efficient and allow the area below to be utilised for other things, like farming or in addition to ground mounted solar PV plants.   

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CPV works by focusing a large area of sunlight onto the solar cell with the help of an optical device. Advantages of this technology are that they require less PV material to capture the same sunlight as non-concentrating PV and they have high efficiency.  As CPV requires direct sunlight to be most effective, in most instances they are used in combination with tracking systems. Through the use of sensors, solar trackers move to track the progress of the sun across the sky maximising production.

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CSP also referred to as CST, concentrated solar thermal is used in systems to concentrate sunlight onto a tower that heats molten salt, which is then used to create steam to run turbines that generate electricity.  CSP plants generate electric power by using mirrors to focus the sun's energy and convert it into high-temperature heat. That heat is then channeled through a conventional generator. The plants consist of two parts: one that collects solar energy and converts it to heat, and another that converts the heat energy to electricity.

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Solar PV lighting is a great solution for parks, beachs, gardens and streets. The light pole structure can have in-built battery backup for off-grid solutions or be connected to the national grid, to ensure power is supplied to the LED light continuously through the night-time hours and for low light days. They are compact, highly functional, cost effective and low maintenance.

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A hybrid energy system is when you combine multiple technologies together to produce a 24/7 availability of power.  Hybrid systems offer reliable electricity supply without grid access, giving you complete independence from external energy supplies.  You can combine different energy sources such as solar, wind, water, battery or even diesel generated power.  Battery storage can be expanded at any time to allow for greater access to renewable energy generation if required.   If off-grid continuous power is required for your business needs, hybrid systems can offer you a wide variety of options.

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Solar PV trailers are a fully transportable solar power system designed to supply small remote buildings, outdoor lighting, communication equipment or other remote activities. They come with battery storage to maximise the energy generated during the day.  How much energy is available during dark hours depends on the capacity and number of batteries supplied. Trailers can be deployed on short notice and are suitable for all environmental conditions, including deserts and mountainous areas.

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Off grid cell towers use a combination of solar PV, generator and battery backup. Advancement in generator and battery technology has made this an extremely reliable solution for remote sites. These sites can be remotely monitored to gauge the necessity for maintenance or re-fuelling.

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Battery backup can be an important addition to any Solar PV installation.  For 24/7 off-grid installations a battery backup is essential to collect energy from the solar plant during the day and continue to provide energy throughout the night.  All battery technology is not the same.  There are many different battery technologies available each with differing levels of efficiency and storage. As advancements in battery technology come to light, Life Energy is at the forefront.

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